Tabatabaie’s artistic and scholarly works are interwoven. Thanks to his different backgrounds, ranging from music composition to engineering, and his exploration of music psychology, he has reached an interdisciplinary approach between science and art. He has intuitively adapted psychoacoustical and music theory considerations as the crucial components of his artistic language to accompany improvisational musical ideas rooted in his diverse musical background and training. With life as the main source of inspiration, he has written instrumental, electroacoustic, and creative multimedia pieces, many of which have been published and performed by distinguished performers, ensembles, and orchestras around the world. He is also an active scholar developing new music theories that integrate conventional music theories with perceptual perspectives. 

     Currently, he is a composition Ph.D. student and a graduate teaching assistant teaching music theory and music technology courses at the University of Utah. He has also studied at Tehran University of Art and Azad University and taught at the Iran University of Applied Science. 

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Portrait by Audrey Lund