Apophenica (2017)
Matthew Mainella, Conductor; Audrey Lund, violin; Matthew Lindahl, tuba; Brandon Williams, percussion; Diego Plata, flute; Michael Leavitt, piano;

Five Years (2013)
Utah Philharmonia (2018) Conducted by Matthew Mainella
Libby Gardner Hall, Salt Lake City, USA
Chromesthesia (2017) (Excerpt)
Live Visuals, Painter, Flute, Horn Percussion, and Cello
NOVA Chamber Music Ensemble
Briana Mclaren, Painter
Sahar Aghajary, Cognitive science counselor
String Quartet No. 1 (2015)
Fry Street String Quartet (2016)

Metamorphosis (2016) (Stereo Version)
5-channel Fixed Media
Alireza Salehi, Assistant Composer; Zach Buie, Trumpet; Christine Allen, Narrator

Tuning Up (2018)
Ashkan F. Tabatabaie, Audrey Lund, and Aaron Kirschner, Composers;
Alireza Salehi, Assistant Composer;
Audrey Lund, violin; Aaron Kirschner, clarinet and saxophone; Ashkan F. Tabatabaie, guitar and live electronics
Destructive Shadow (2017)
Electroacoustic (Stereo Version)
For 4-channel live electronics, Kinect, and conductor
Alireza Salehi, Assistant Composer; Mathew Mainella, Conductor
Sahar Aghajary, Cognitive science counselor
Lament (2018)
Audrey Lund, Violin; Ashkan Fakhrtabatabaie, guitar; Esteban Aosta, electronics